Food and Drink Menu


We serve a wide range of drinks and snacks – our complete menu is listed below. Alternatively please click here to download a PDF copy.



English Tudor Rose Special Blend –tea
Traditional Pot of Tea for one £1.55
Traditional Pot of Tea for two £2.90
Specialist Teas £1.95


Instant Coffee £1.60coffee
Cappuccino / Latte £2.20
Cafetiere with milk £2.20
Decaffeinated Coffee £1.60
Pouring Cream extra £0.40

Other Refreshments

Hot Chocolate £1.95orange-juice
Hot Chocolate with Cream and Marshmallows £2.45
Bottled Water £1.25
Cold Drinks £1.50
Fresh Orange Juice £1.95
Milk Shakes £2.50
Ice Cream with Strawberry or Chocolate Sauce £2.75

Jacket Potatoes (All served with salad garnish)

Plain with Butter £3.50jacket-potato
Chilli Con Carne £5.50
Tuna & Mayonnaise £4.95
Coronation Chicken £5.60
Coleslaw £4.25
Cheese & Onion £4.95

Soups, Salads and Savouries

Home Baked Ham Salad Plate £6.75Soup
Home Cooked Topside of Beef Salad Plate £6.75
Homemade Soup of the Day –
Served with warm roll & butter £3.75
Served with your choice of freshly filled Sandwich £6.95
Pate Platter with Toast £6.95
Ploughman’s with warm rolls and Cheese –
Choose from Welsh Mature Cheddar or Cheshire £6.95
Ham, Cheese & Pineapple Melt Served on a Croissant £6.95

Sandwiches (Toasties and Paninis 50p extra)

All served with salad garnish and crispssandwich
Home Cooked Ham with Mango Chutney £4.75
Home Cooked Beef with Horseradish £4.95
Tuna & Mayonnaise £4.75
Soft Cheese & Cucumber £4.25
Chicken £4.95
Egg & Cress with a hint of mayonnaise £4.25
Mature Cheddar Cheese and Pickle £4.75
Cheese and Ham £4.95

Morning Goods served till 12 noon

Bacon or Sausage on Toast or Barm £2.75sausage-sandwich
With Egg £3.00
Scrambled or Fried Egg on Toast £2.75
Toast with Butter and Jam £1.25
2 Crumpets with Butter and Jam £1.95
Toasted Tea Cake with Butter £1.60

Traditional Victorian Tea

Served on a Tiered Cake Stand
Serves 2 people £25.00 Recognised as the ultimate treat!
A pot of tea of your choice, assorted finger sandwiches, Scone, Victoria sponge and Strawberries

Afternoon Tea for one

Includes a pot of tea of your choice, and a sandwich of your choice.
With scone and butter £7.95
With scone, butter, cream and jam £8.25
With Victoria sponge £7.95

Cakes and Scones

Assorted cakes – please see our display cabinet £2.50scone
Served with fresh cream or ice cream extra £0.75
Scone with butter and pot of tea £3.50
Scone with butter, jam and pot of tea £3.70
Scone with butter, cream, jam and pot of tea £3.90

We do not serve drinks without food after 12 noon.
We cannot guarantee that all of our products are nut free.
Whenever possible we use fresh, local produce.
We don’t serve fast food but serve good food as fast as we can!

Children’s Menu

Choice of:
Pizza – Cheese & Tomatopizza
Dairy Lea Sandwiches
Tuna Sandwiches
Jam Sandwiches
All served with crisps or quavers

Fairy Cake

Still Orange (no added sugar) Still Vimto (no added sugar) Apple Juice (no added sugar)

Main, dessert and drink  £2.95
Ice Cream with Choice of Topping  £1.50

Flavoured Tea

Peach Tea
A blend of whole leaf black tea with natural peach flavouring and marigold petals, best served without milk
Earl Grey
With natural oil of bergamot to give a citrus flavour, can be served with or without milk.
English Rose
A soft black tea flavoured with rose petals, can be served with or without milk.

China Tea

Green Tea
A whole green leaf tea which is naturally rich in antioxidants, best served without milk.
Jasmine Blossom
Green tea fully flavoured with jasmine flowers, drink without milk.

Indian Teas

Distinctive and extremely rich flavour, best served with milk.
Darjeeling BOP
Delicate flavour known as the champagne of teas, serve with or without milk.

South African

A nice black tea with a fresh brisk flavour, best served with milk.